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Urban Shaman


Trauma Recovery and Well-Being for companies and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

Worldwide, In-Person or Online.


Heal the body and mind from treatment resistant health issues, depression and trauma


Achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health, and an optimistic mindset in all areas of life


Create compelling futures and live life by design.



Urban Shaman is for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures who suffer or have family members who suffer from:

  • Relationship Trauma
  • Addiction
  • PTSD
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Loneliness
  • Physical/mental illness


  • Optimal health
  • Optimal transitions
  • Optimal aging
  • Optimal accompaniment at end of life


I help companies achieve optimal work cultures by promoting focused calm, awareness and effective communication amongst groups.

For CEOs in competitive sectors such as technology, finance, luxury and fashion, working with me will give you the balance and calm to be successful without burning out.

Working with your employees will ensure a healthy work culture, which increases productivity and the wellbeing of both your people and your business.

How it works

  • We have an in-depth, 3-hour intake session (In-person or Online) in which we identify your core challenges and goals.


  • You decide on a set period that you would like us to work together — 3, 6 or 9 months.

By the end of this time, you will have achieved your targets and learned how to ensure enduring success.

I am fully available to my clients in person, online and by messaging.

Initial Contact

Book a FREE 30-minute phone call. 



Some days are for thriving, 

Some days are for surviving,

I’ll help you do both.


  • PgDip – Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent’s College, London
  • M.A. – Psychodynamic, Psychotherapy, Bath, BCPC.
  • IACT – Hypnotherapist
  • Four Winds – Energy Medicine Practitioner/ Health Coach.

About Anna Cooper

By the age of two, Anna had flown out of the window of a car, moving at a speed of 96 km an hour on the Santa Monica freeway and had been served her first drink at Dean’s bar in Tangiers. In the ensuing decades, she had pretty much every experience a person can have from the devastating to the divine; a symphony of achievement, loss, victory, understanding and love. Throughout, she remained non-judgemental and compassionate, attuned to the silence which held the music in place. After 25 years of working as classically trained psychotherapist, she went on to become a yoga teacher and somatic practitioner and found that the combination of body work and talking was much more effective than talking alone. Further life developments took her to participate in Shamanic ceremonies in South America, where she was recognized and honoured by the elders as a wise woman and spiritual teacher. These healers of the Amazon thanked her for holding them and instructed her to go forth and to be of service. Humbled by the sincerity and sternness of their command, she went forward to become a sought after healer around the world. She now specialises in helping companies and individuals of all ages to emerge from trauma, loss and transition, guiding them to connect with spirit and community. It is her mission to help people around the world transform their pain into recovery and to lead beautiful, fulfilling lives.


+33 6 73 12 56 21


43, Blvd de Beauséjour

75016, Paris